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Broken Mirrors

No. 1 of Pyrrichean Dances
Concerto for Viola and Percussion with String Orchestra by Christos Hatzis
CD: Dancing in the Light: Music of Christos Hatzis
Rivka Golani, viola and Bev Johnston, percussion with Symphony Nova Scotia (2006)


by David Occhipinti
CD: Woman Runs with Wolves

Alternate Currents

by Ann Southam
CD: Alternate Currents

‘Clockwork Cummings’ by David Occhipinti
Movement 1: ‘candy’
‘Clockwork Cummings’ by David Occhipinti
Movement 2: ‘a leaf falls’
‘Clockwork Cummings’ by David Occhipinti
Movement 3: ‘toc tic’
‘The Spirit and the Dust’ by Dinuk Wijeratne
I. Death Is a Dialogue Between the Spirit and the Dust (audio)
(from Centrediscs recording ‘The Spirit and the Dust’ released April, 2020 CD-CMCCD 27920
‘Eris’ by Christos Hatzis
Beverley Johnston performs “BONES”
by Harry Freedman
2010 Shenyang International Percussion Festival
Beverley Johnston performs “ROMELNI KERUBINTA”
a Georgian hymn arranged by Beverley Johnston
2010: Shenyang International Percussion Festival